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Sport Wellington Performance Hub

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The Sport Wellington Performance Hub encompasses athlete, coach and sport organisation interventions, relationships, programmes and initiatives which have a direct impact on the sport sector’s ‘performance’ stage of the sport and recreation pathway. 

The objectives of the Sport Wellington Performance Hub are:

  1. Improved ‘performance’ systems within sports organisations, integrated with whole of sport development plans.

  2. Increased understanding of the ‘performance’ stage within sports organisations, providers, coaches, and athletes/players.

  3. More capable athletes/players that are better prepared for the transition to high performance.

  4. More capable coaches that are better prepared for the transition to high performance.

  5. A greater number of athletes and coaches transitioning into the performance environment and then onto the high performance environment.

  6. Strategic partnerships developed that provide improved resources for performance athletes/players, coaches and the sport sector.


The Performance Hub has four key initiatives in place associated to the above objectives.

  • Pathway to Podium

  • Performance Coach Advance

  • Reaching for the Podium

  • Wellington City Council Talent Development Programme


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