Living Well Strategy

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Wellington Region Sport and Active Recreation Strategy (Living Well)

Living Well refers to improvements in physical and mental wellbeing, individual development and achievement, and social and community development that can be experienced because of regular participation in play, sport, and active recreation.

This strategy and our collective responses to it are intended to create opportunities to impact on all communities within the region to bring about improved quality of life and wellbeing through making it easier to participate in play, sport, and active recreation and ensure that the experiences are ones that encourage ongoing and lifelong involvement.


Why this strategy?

The operating environment for sport and active recreation providers is changing constantly and remains challenging. By working within an agreed framework, we have a better chance of identifying opportunities and challenges of regional significance that we can work together on. This will reduce duplication and make the best use of scarce resources while providing consistency for participants.


Why this Strategy Diagram

Using the planning framework

The framework is intended to be used to think about and plan for local delivery and as a mechanism for identifying opportunities to work together across the region to address regional play, sport, and active recreation issues of importance. It will be updated regularly to ensure that by using it we are addressing the current and critical issues in sport and active recreation.

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Living Well Projects

Regional Spaces and Places (Facilities) Plan

Spaces and places (facilities) for sport and active recreation are critical to the success of sustaining a world-leading community sport system that enables more people to participate. 

To this end, Sport Wellington is working with Sport NZ to lead and promote a collaborative approach with local government, national and regional sports organisations, funders, and schools to develop a Regional Spaces and Places (Facilities) Plan. When completed, this plan will provide a high-level strategic framework for regional sport and recreation spaces and places planning and decision-making across the wider Wellington region.