Active Health & Wellness

The Regional Programme Team have the privilege of working with individuals, whānau and community groups across the wider Wellington region to explore and support happy, healthy and meaningful lives, centred around physical and mental wellbeing.

Green Prescription

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Classes are social, fun, and keep you strong and independent to do the activities you love.

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How Green Prescription can help

  • A diverse range of FREE programmes for all ages focusing on increasing physical activity and improving nutrition.
  • Programmes are designed to educate and empower individuals and whānau for a sustainable healthy lifestyle change.
  • Up to 12-months of one-to-one support across Wellington from our expert team of Healthy Lifestyle Co-ordinators.
  • Specific focus for Māori & Pasifika.

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Roanne and Andrea participated in Round the Bays as part of the Green Prescription programme, using the event as an incentive to get fit, lose weight, and improve their health. They faced the challenges of getting started, being embarrassed about being unfit and out of shape, and having to wear sports gear.

Hear how small changes really made a difference and how being part of the Green Prescription programme helped them.