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Safety cone
Health and Safety Planning 

We have been working alongside a couple of local organisation's to help them develop their end-to-end health and safety plans as they prepare to return to play. To help you with your health and safety planning, you can download templates and examples of these plans below. 

Regional Sport Organisation Toolkit

Wellington Hockey Association has produced the following documents as part of their comprehensive Health and Safety response to COVID-19:

Planning for schools

As schools return and look to resume sport, it's important to have Health & Safety plans for sport at Alert Level 2 in place. 

Whitby Collegiate have kindly provided the following example of their Health and Safety planning, and we have created a template version of this for you to download and adapt to your own setting as you see fit. 

Download School Sport Health and Safety Plan example - Whitby Collegiate 

Download School Sport Health and Safety Plan template 

Organisation templates

We worked with local fitness and yoga studios, as well as community exercise providers to develop the following templates: 

Health and Safety plan for clubs and gyms 


Health and Safety plan for community class providers

Download Template

 Contact tracing

Contact Tracing 

The best contact tracing app for you?

A breakdown of the 3 main apps for the Wellington region 

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Finances for COVID-19


Go to the Sport NZ website for a full list of their available finance policy templates. 

Funding Information 

Currently-available Grants and Community Resilience Fund

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Volunteer resource hub

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Leadership with COVID-19

Leadership and Governance

For more Leadership and Governance resources, go to Sport NZ's Governance Information section of their COVID-19 website. 

Leadership Framework

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Planning for COVID-19

Business Continuity and Planning


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Membership and Communication with COVID-19

Membership Retention & Communication


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