Sport Wellington is a charitable trust - we know what it's like to apply for funding and seek sponsorship for our programmes, activities and events!   

Many sports organisations depend on the income from grants and fundraisers, and the support of their sponsors; many could not survive without this type of partnership. On this part of our site, we aim to have up-to-date useful information that will assist you to know what funding opportunities are currently available.

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Sponsorship Tips

It's not just about the money!  Sponsorship is a partnership.  You have an event or 'property' (any asset that you own) which has a perceived value commercially which a business would like to align themselves with - but normally it isn't just about the money.

Sponsors like to be seen as a partner and as such they can provide more than just money. This could be; staffing, time, leveraging opportunities, joint activations, introducing you to their network (thus extending your support), promotion, reach through their channels (particularly social media) etc.

Sponsors tend to align themselves with businesses that have values that they like and/or business plans that they support. 



  1. Determine what it is you have to offer. What do you stand for and what makes you unique or compelling?
  2. What is the value of your 'property'? This can depend on whether it's a new property vs an established one with a track record or measurable success/reach that you can refer to. Value is determined by the market so to gauge whether you've set it at an appropriate level you might need to test it and then revalue based on feedback. Decide whether it needs to be all cash, or can it be contra (or a mixture?)
  3. Identify who your potential partners might be. Think about matching your property to who you decide to approach, it's the old saying of "horses for courses", but also think broadly - you might be surprised as to the business 'type' that is interested in what you have to offer.
  4. Determine who the key contacts are and how to approach them. 
  5. Prepare a proposal and pitch your product/property. Getting a meeting time and then on-going discussions or negotiations can take time - allow for this in your planning and be prepared that it might take longer than you'd expected (or hoped for!)
  6. Once you have agreed on the terms associated with the sponsorship, an MOU or contract should be established so that both parties are totally clear on what is expected/what will be delivered.
  7. Congratulations, you now have a sponsor onboard - who you need to look after and ensure that you deliver on what you promised. This is the stage where you can take the relationship from just being a transactional sponsorship relationship to a partnership. How you look after your sponsor, keep in touch with them, meet regularly, and possibly offer opportunities over and above what was agreed on, all help to establish a good partnership - and increase the chances of them re-signing for subsequent years!




Uniform Quotes

Applying for grant funding for new kit is a great idea - but remember that you'll need two quotes.  Sport Wellington's apparel supplier is Dynasty Sport.  Contact Paul Latham for a quote (and he doesn't mind if it's just because you need a second quote!) 

Dynasty Sport proudly supplies high quality, custom on and off-field garments and support to professional partners, grassroots, clubs, educational facilities and charities across New Zealand. With competitive pricing, unrivalled quality, coupled with cutting edge product development and a delivery commitment, Dynasty Sport is able to provide you with order management and customer service through our experienced account executives.

Visit  They also have preseason offers!

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