New coach developer courses coming to Wellington

27 August 2019


Across many sports throughout the region, coaches are supported by people known as Coach Developers. The role of a Coach Developer is simple; to support and develop coaches to be the best that they can be.

In early August, Sport Wellington facilitated an extension workshop for Coach Developers at the Fraser Park Sportsville complex. Coach Developers from football, rugby, volleyball, yachting and cricket attend the workshop, which aimed to provide both a learning opportunity and the chance to network with other Coach Developers. 

The workshop focused on how Coach Developers can provide coach-centred support and development through observation and feedback. Coaches explored how they need to have an awareness of who we are developing, what it is we are working with them on and how are they are enabling this learning opportunity?

The workshop also featured a presentation from Mike Chu (New Zealand RFU Game Development Manager). Chu facilitated a discussion on how people’s biases can impact how they look or view something. Chu challenged the need for everyone to be aware of what their biases are when supporting and developing people.

Sport Wellington is running another Coach Developer training workshop on 19th and 20th September. For further information please contact Tim Mannix:

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