Student Coaching Programme continues to make positive impact

1 August 2019

The KiwiSport-funded Student Coach Programme is working to facilitate coach education opportunities that are more accessible for secondary schools and Regional Sports Organisations that are led by the needs of student coaches. Sport Wellington continues to work closely with College Sport Wellington and a number of Regional Sports Organisations to deliver the programme to support their student coach workforce by providing generic and sport-specific coach development.

The programme has been hugely successful thus far, with KiwiSport funding helping to enable work with over 30 different colleges and developing over 1,000 student coaches over the past 4 years. By ensuring more children and young people are staying in sport due to the quality and quantity of coaches providing a positive coaching experience (a key aim of the programme), the Student Coach Programme is successfully addressing the aims of KiwiSport which include increasing the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children and supporting children in developing skills that will enable them to participate effectively in sport.

The Student Coach Programme is an excellent example of a KiwiSport-funded programme that is making a real positive impact within the youth-sport space, and we look forward to seeing how the programme continues to excel in the future.

Find out more and see a video about the programme on our Student Coaching page.

Student Coaching

student coaching