Wellington Golf workshops focus on the future

26 September 2019

 “It can't be about the future of our club, it needs to be the future of golf"

This was a sentiment shared by many golf representatives from across the district in a recent series of workshops hosted by Wellington Golf Incorporated.

Following the recent release of a draft Wellington Golf Regional Market Analysis, Wellington Golf Incorporated (WGI) organised club workshops in Masterton, Lower Hutt and Paraparaumu.

“It has been a fantastic experience, engaging with the golf clubs within our district (Wellington) to discuss the findings of our Regional Market Analysis Plan, and to work together to identify the opportunities to grow the game we love,” said Carmen Blackler, WGI Chairperson. "The Clubs have ensured that we are realistic in our expectations and the challenges that must be overcome to achieve the success we all seek are recognized.” 

The aim of the Regional Market Analysis is to stimulate discussion within the golf industry, and with key partners, to consider what the golf landscape might look like in the future, and how a network of golf facilities can best be sustained to cater to changing market demands in the Wellington region.

“We are just beginning our journey together,” Blackler acknowledged. “The enthusiasm, honesty and willingness to ‘do things differently’ evidenced in the workshops gives us (the WGI board) confidence that together we (NZ Golf, WGI and our member clubs) can achieve great things for golf in the Wellington district.”

The workshops, facilitated by Sport Wellington, were an opportunity to engage, discuss, and capture views on the analysis and what it might mean, and what is important for the future of golf in Wellington.

“It was very apparent early into the workshops that there as a high interest in working together for the greater good of Golf,” commented Paddy Simpson, Community Sport Manager, Sport Wellington. “There were lots of ideas generated and then narrowed down with common themes identified for further exploration. It was encouraging to see the National organisation, Regional organisation and local clubs sitting around the table with a common purpose.”

There was a high level of interest from clubs across the region with 58 attendees and 18 clubs represented, adding to the depth of conversation. Three key areas explored during the workshops were; customer experience, diversity of offering and diversity of facilities.

“The sessions were superbly facilitated allowing both Wellington Golf and New Zealand Golf the unique opportunity to engage in the discussion as opposed to leading them,” said Carl Fenton, Sector Relationship Manager, NZ Golf. “The value of this to both organisations cannot be understated. Club leaders, WGI and NZG had the chance to really dig into our challenges and as an industry decide how we might face those challenges in a collaborative fashion.”

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