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"Its not the mountain we conquer but ourselves"

Athlete development involves a collaborative approach across all aspects of the sporting system, with the aim of armouring the athlete with the character and skills necessary to become successful in the long term. This is done by offering quality experiences that help them realise their potential.  

Our programmes are focused on the athlete‚Äôs needs. This ranges from working with the athletes on a one on one basis to working with parents, coaches and sport organisations to improve the experience of athletes as they develop within the sporting system

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The Sport Wellington Performance Hub offers the opportunity for 10 young athletes across all sporting
codes in the greater Wellington Region to join the 2020 Athlete Development Scholarship Programme

The ADSP is a holistic and collaborative approach to development that is built on the foundation
principles of character, movement, wellness, and sporting performance. The programme's goal is to
provide a platform from which developing athletes build knowledge and skills to better prepare them for
their next steps in sport and life.

The key components of the programme include: 

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Athlete Scholarships

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