Athlete Development Scholarships

Rose Lovell competes in athletics

As part of Sport Wellington Performance Hub's commitment to empowering young people for success, we offer scholarships for up to 10 athletes to join our Athlete Development Scholarship Programme [ADSP]; a holistic and collaborative approach that is built on the foundation principles of character, movement, wellbeing, and sporting performance. 

The programme aims to condition athletes so that they are capable of realising their true potential. It is highly individualized to reflect the age, stage and sport of each athlete.

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The Programme 

The programme’s goal is to provide a platform from which athletes build knowledge and skills to better prepare them for optimal performance.

Diagram shows the process behind Reaching for the Podium programme

Athletes in the programme can expect the following:

  • Comprehensive medical screening - ECG, Movement competency, Blood testing, Musculoskeletal, physical exam.
  • Individual Performance Plan (IPP) - to be led by Sport Wellington Performance Hub advisors in collaboration with athletes and coaches.
  • Athlete Life consultations focused on character development
  • Strength and Conditioning - Access to Les Mills gym
  • Education sessions covering athlete life and wellness, such as; nutrition, psychology, media skills and more  

Graphic of the six key components of the athlete development programme


The Application Process

Applications to the Athlete Development Scholarship Programme are open to rangitahi in the Greater Wellington Region across all sporting codes.

The application consists of three parts:

  1. Expression of Interest form
  2. One-on-one interview
  3. Athlete performance review

Key Dates:

Overview of key dates associated to the ADSP

Expression of Interests closed at 5 p.m. Tuesday March 10

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

We encourage diversity and inclusion at Sport Wellington and are committed to equal opportunity in all our programmes. Young people across all sporting codes in the Greater Wellington Region are encouraged to apply.

Are there any age restrictions? 

The Athlete Development Scholarships are designed for rangatahi(12-18) in the Greater Wellington Region. We recognize that young people develop at different ages and stages, and although this programme is highly individualized to reflect the biological age of the individual in-front of us, we recommend that athletes no younger than 14 apply.

There is no top age limit on who can apply; however these scholarships are targeted for developing athletes. We will accept applications for people over the age of 20 on an individualised basis.

How many hours per week does the programme require? 

The Athlete Development Scholarship Programme is designed to be integrated into a young person’s current life, not an addition to what we know are already busy schedules. A large part of the programme involves looking at what athletes are currently doing and working with them to ensure they are maximising the time they are already spending in sport.  

Along with their regular trainings, full commitment to the programme will look like:

  • Some upfront time to complete the medical screenings [1 appointment, approximately 2 hours]
  • One-off programme induction/celebration [1 hour]
  • Initial Athlete Life consultation with a Sport Wellington Sport Development Advisor. [1 hour] 
    The regularity of these meetings following this can be adapted to suit the individual, but to maximise the programme, we aim to meet with each athlete 8 times per year.
  • A regular gym schedule, influenced by the athlete’s medical screening and individual performance plan.
    Athletes will have access to a personal trainer and a Les Mills membership – the aim is for the athlete, coach and conditioner to work together on specific performance needs of the athletes development.
  • Attendance at a handful of education sessions throughout the year.
    Athletes will be asked to attend approximately 4 of these a year. These will run between 1-2 hours long.

Is there any money associated to the scholarship? 

The scholarship is for Rangitahi to join the Athlete Development Programme. There is no cash value associated to the scholarship for successful athletes.The programme is designed to add value to the young person through focusing on developing their athletic ability and them as a well-rounded person.

How are athletes selected? 

The selection of scholarship recipients is conditional on future potential parameters, as identified by the Sport Wellington Performance Hub. These parameters are not limited to current sporting results or success, but rather take a holistic look at the person and their potential.

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Where does this programme fit in the talent development pathway?

The Athlete Development Scholarship Programme [ADSP] is one part of the Wellington Regional Sport Development System. It targets young athletes with potential to maximise their development;who are ready for some more individualised and tailored support.

It is designed to complement a regional athlete development programme (such as the WCC Sport Talent Development Programme) and National Sporting Organisation-run performance development programmes (such as Pathway to Podium).

What does a better prepared athlete look like? 

  • Self Responsible: Doing what you said you would do, accountable for yourself and your actions.
  • Self-aware: Athletes know themselves, their traits, feelings, behaviours and can be self regulating.
  • Hard-working: Unwavering work ethic, does what needs to be done, consistently.
  • Lifelong Learners: Continually looking for improvement, have a growth mind-set and are coach-able.
  • Performance mindset: Mentally strong, covers resilience, grit and performance and moral character.

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We want to ensure accessibility needs are well supported, so the application process and programme is fair and equitable for all. Therefore, please let us know if there is any support we can provide to ensure the programme is fully accessible for everyone.

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