Coach Developer

Coaches work in groups at Coach Developer workshop

“Coach Developers are not simply experienced coaches or transmitters of coaching knowledge. They are trained to develop, support and challenge coaches to go on honing and improving their knowledge and skills to provide positive and effective sport experiences for all participants”

– International Council for Coaching Excellence.

In alignment with Sport NZ and NSO Coach Developer Programmes, Sport Wellington takes a regional leadership role in facilitating learning opportunities for Coach Developers, Trainers and RSOs in the greater Wellington region.

Educating and supporting those that work with coaches (Coach Developers) will, in turn, develop better coaches who will improve the participant experience.

Sport Wellington's Coach Developer Programme adds value to RSO and NSO programmes and includes training for Coach Developers and Coach Developer Trainers.  In 2019, we will work with RSOs to deliver;

  • Two 2-day coach developer training in March and August
  • Four extension workshops targeting specific skills or settings that coach developers operate in.

Coach Developers wishing to take part in the programme should contact their RSO for more information.