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 In partnership with Sport NZ, Sport Wellington continues to work in the performance coach area with the Performance Coach Advance (PCA) programme. Coaches understand their role in developing ‘self’ and the influence this has on their performance as a coach, and in their personal and professional life.

Performance Coach Advance aims to improve the overall quality and understanding of performance coaching in New Zealand. Coaches are exposed to cross-sport interaction and engaging learning environments which include workshops, mentoring, and working with various experts across a range of domains.

An example of our work was the Brendon Spillane workshop we held on ‘Having skilful conversations’. Communication is a key part of effective coaching, management and leadership. Language is fundamental, it matters – and it plays a big part in the perception that people have of you as a leader.

Winning coach says self awareness is key to success

“I like to think that you can become successful as a person, once you know who you really are,” says championship-winning basketball coach Nixon Penese. “And until you know who you are really, you’re going to struggle.

If I want the team to be successful that I’m coaching, I really need to know me; and I really need to do a good job in regards to fulfilling all these things that’s expected of me.”

Nixon doing group work

Nixon recently coached the Tawa College Boys Senior A Basketball team to become history-making Premier Pohlen Cup champions for 2019.

 “I can honestly tell you that the success of the Tawa boys winning the Wellington season this year has a lot to do with me being vulnerable. Because really … it’s not about how good your team is, it’s about how good you are as a coach.”

 See Nixon's full story and the impact of the PCA Programme

How to have Skillful Conversations

As part of the PCA programme, coaches have the opportunity to attend workshops and forums with globally-acclaimed speakers and experts.
The Performance Hub works closely with Brendan Spillane, an acclaimed Australian educator, speaker and coach, to share his wisdom and expertise in the art of navigating skillful and critical conversations.

Brendon Spillane

Brendan bases his teachings on the idea that when we speak with clarity and openness, we can invite connection and engagement, challenge unhelpful assumptions and behaviours, and so build the social fabric of our teams and organisations.

His talks help attendees to lead to a better response in any context they may find themselves in by looking at their own behaviours and how these can have an impact on their audience.

Find out More about Brendan's 8 Propositions to having Skillful Conversations

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