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The Sport Wellington Performance Hub is proud to partner with Wellington High Performance Aquatics to offer unique scholarship opportunities for coaches, officials, and athletes across all Aquatic sports in the Wellington region.

The scholarships offer a unique opportunity for performance-level athletes, coaches, and officials to develop their ability through engagement in two exciting programmes that are supported through Sport New Zealand’s Performance Coach Advance and Sport Wellington’s Reaching for the Podium.

The programmes are managed by Sport Wellington’s Performance Hub which is aimed at developing successful Wellington people by raising their self-awareness of what it takes to be successful.

The scholarships are for two years and involve an array of interventions focusing on the development of self and assisting the athlete and the coach to realise their performance potential.

The key components of the Sport Wellington Reaching for the Podium – Athlete Performance Support Programme are:

  • Comprehensive medical screening —ECG, movement competency, blood testing, usculoskeletal, physical exam.
  • Athlete Life - 3 consultations
  • Media Skills
  • Drugs in sport
  • Strength and Conditioning - Access to ASB's High Performance Sport NZ Gym and Les Mills' gym
  • Individual Performance Plan (IPP) - to be led by Wellington Aquatic Coaches in consultation with the Sport Wellington Performance Hub lead
  • Individual personal development associated to self-awareness

The key components of the Sport Wellington Performance Coach Advance Programme – Coach Support Programme are:

  • Workshops (light the fire)
  • Forums (Share knowledge)
  • Observations (in field of practice)
  • Reflections (tied to workshops and field of practice)
  • Assessments (one on one consults)
  • Action learning (apply new knowledge to coaching environment ‘have a go’)
Applications for the 2019 round of scholarships have now closed. 

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