Locally-Led Delivery

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Sport and physical activity do not sit in isolation from the rest of society. Clubs, centres and other providers need to develop a strong understanding of, and engagement with, their communities to get more people active and attract more players and athletes. They must 'listen to people's lives' and modify what they offer in terms of formats, experience, people and social aspects.

The Locally-Led Approach is a way of working well with our communities. It acknowledges and seeks to learn from what is strong and positive in each community. It’s about working in partnership with communities towards goals, aspirations and opportunities identified by them. By working together, solutions are co-created for positive change, determined by local people.


Our vision is to develop close relationships with important communities of interest in the Wellington region and help them to reach the goals they have formulated. Each community will have specific needs and wants and by using a locally-led approach we will help them identify and prioritise the areas where we can work to achieve the greatest success.


See how locally-led development is already benefiting other communities:

Overarching Concepts

  • Engaging and empowering communities to take action for themselves
  • Thinking and acting in ways for long-term viability
  • Emphasis on equity through focused resourcing

 Locally-Led Development Overarching Concepts

Community-led development is not a silver bullet, nor stand-alone. The greatest gains are likely to be made when integrated with other strategies (such as local economic development, social development, service coordination, environmental restoration) and into core practice within different sectors.

This holistic approach assists transformation, especially where there is local capacity, capability, and resources.

What we've been up to...


Progressing collective intelligence and capability in scoping projected uses for the artificial lake that will be ready in 2020. Waka ama could develop a regional facility here. Also working closely with Wananga and the College to develop volunteer capacity.

Strathmore Park

Good progress in setting up a community-led and run social touch rugby competition. Set to kick-off on November 3rd, 2018. Also, korero and planning around the coordination and integration of the opportunities for cycling in the area.

Porirua East

Good progress continues in developing cycling. All partners are exceeding expectations. Keeping a watching brief and working specifically on some important details, e.g. encouraging NZTA to develop cycle maintenance unit standards to ensure further and important academic qualifications to be added to cycling in secondary schools.

Steady progress working alongside Porirua City Council and community village planning groups to raise the capability and capacity, and nudge towards healthy active initiatives in their communities.

Great possibilities in Waitangirua where Sport Wellington will have a base at Maraeroa Marae Health Clinic in 2019.

See what Capital Basketball has been doing in the Waitangirua community