KiwiSport Funding Round 24

Thank you to all applicants who submitted proposals for the KiwiSport Open Fund section of the Wellington KiwiSport Regional Partnership Fund.

As part of Funding Round 24 (for submissions over $10,000) Sport Wellington received ten applications seeking $532,299 in total. These were all given careful consideration by the KiwiSport Assessment Panel and the Sport Wellington Board of Trustees.

The successful applicants are listed below (in alphabetical order):


Funding Amount

Capital Football


Hutt City Council


Otaki Kapiti Principals Group


Wairarapa Cricket Association


Wellington Floorball Club


Sport Wellington


As per the table above, Sport Wellington approved six applications at a total of $241,280.

Sport Wellington looks forward to seeing the positive impact that these organisations will have on children’s participation in sport and active recreation throughout the Wellington region. Congratulations to all successful applicants in receiving KiwiSport funding.

Please note that following the November Funding Round and November Fast-Fund applications, Sport Wellington have now allocated all existing KiwiSport investment through until 30 November 2020. Keep an eye on our website for updates around the future of the KiwiSport fund as Sport NZ provide us with further direction around this.

To learn more about the aims, considerations and requirements of KiwiSport Funding. If you have any questions regarding KiwiSport Funding please email our KiwiSport Advisor Jamie at