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Fundamental Movement Skills

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) provide the building blocks for many physical activities, such as playing games, dance, and sport.  “Having these skills is an essential part of enjoyable participation and a lifelong interest in an active lifestyle” (Developing FMS Manual, Sport NZ).

Fundamental movement skills are important to the motor development of children’s physical, cognitive and social growth.  There are three categories in which the fundamental skills fit – Locomotor, Stability and Manipulative.

Below you will find a variety of activities to assist in the development of these fundamental movement skills.






Stability and Balance

bean bag coverjpg

Environment and Equipment


Games and Activities

This section focuses on different games that incorporate fundamental movement skills, and looking at ways in which they can be modified for different age groups and used to teach a variety of skills.


Concept Specific Games

Striking and Fielding Games


Invasion Games


Refresher Activities

We often get requests for ideas of short ‘refresher activities’ that can be used to re-energise children between lessons.
So here are some short cross curricula activities that cater towards all levels including under-fives and that link in to Fundamental Movement Skill development.

skate web

Year 7 & 8 Column

Libby Paterson, an accredited Education Facilitator, writes a column providing you with some ideas that you can use with intermediate aged students to show a progression from our FMS focus .... click here for more



More FMS

For more ideas on developing fundamental movement skills see Sport NZ's Developing Fundamental Movement Skills manual.


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