Healthy Active Learning

healthy active learning

Supporting schools and early learning services to improve child and youth wellbeing through healthy eating and quality physical activity

Healthy Active Learning is a new Wellbeing Budget initiative that will promote and improve healthy eating and physical activity in schools, kura and early learning services across Aotearoa.

As part of this joint Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Sport New Zealand initiative - a new investment of $47.6 million over four years - schools, kura and early learning services will be supported through new curriculum resources and a new health
promotion workforce. Many primary and intermediate schools will also benefit from the work of physical activity advisors.

It’s based on evidence showing children’s nutrition and physical activity are linked to both academic achievement and improved physical and mental health.

Research shows that only seven per cent of young people aged 5 to 18 are meeting the New Zealand guidelines for physical activity through sport, exercise and active recreation.

Healthy Active Learning has three components to drive better education and health outcomes for young New Zealanders:

Ministry of Education

Provide Health and Physical Education and Hauora curriculum resources to enhance the understanding and delivery of HPE and physical activity initiatives

Provide guidance on use of external providers

Sport New Zealand

Physical Activity workforce to help create active school environments by working alongside school leaders and teachers to enhance the provision of play, sport and Physical Education, and to create better connections with physical activity providers in their local communities.

Ministry of Health

Health Promotion workforce to develop healthy food and water-only (and plain milk) educational environmements.

Develop a toolkit to help create a healthy food and drink environment. This will include a focus on healthy food and water-only (and plain milk) policies.

The Team

 HALs team

The Healthy Active Learning Advisors at Sport Wellington are working with school leaders and teachers to support the provision of play, sport and Physical Education. They are taking a needs-based approach and aim to build upon good existing practice and upskill teachers to be more competent and confident delivering high quality physical activity.

The following are some examples of the support that the advisors can offer to schools and kura:

  • Co-teach with syndicates and individual teachers to model good practice and offer hands-on development
  • Deliver PLD to all staff based on the needs of each school
  • Applying the underlying concepts of Physical Education to physical activity delivery in school e.g. Hauora and Te Whare Tapa Wha
  • Improving teacher’s knowledge and application of the HPE curriculum
  • Forward planning to integrate quality physical activity as part of the school’s strategic plan
  • Making links between HPE delivery and school values
  • Integrating PE across other curricular subjects

If you have any questions for our Healthy Active Learning team, please e-mail Pembroke Chambers (Regional Healthy Active Learning Lead)

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